Try asking your friends which is the best oil for cooking and frying and you will get several different answers. There are many myths around cooking and frying with olive oil and in this blogpost we will try to answer all the questions you may have.

The one and only truth is that olive oil is perfect for both cooking and frying. Plus, it’s the only oil you need in your kitchen.

People around the world use butter for cooking and seed oils for frying. They believe that it’s more tasty and maybe healthier. But olive oil is a miracle ingredient and best friend of celebrated chefs throughout the world. We, Greeks, keep the olive oil handy in our kitchen in order to use it for salads, cooking, frying, everything! It’s well known that the greek cuisine is based on the Mediterranean diet, and olive oil is the key ingredient.

Is it healthy to fry with olive oil?

Yes, it is! Actually, it’s the healthiest option you have since extra virgin olive oil is very resilient to high temperatures and keeps all its health properties. One of the myths surrounding extra virgin olive oil is about its smoking point. Despite the misinformation, the smoking point of olive oil is way higher than the temperatures reached when frying or deep frying. Choose to fry with olive oil and you will have the healthiest option in your pan. Apart from the health benefits, frying with olive oil gives a very pleasant flavour to your food.

Extra tip for frying with olive oil:

Don’t discard the used olive oil. You can fry with the same olive oil twice. Keep in mind that it would be best to use it with the same type of food (e.g. only fish or only french fries). After the first time you use the olive oil to fry, wait until it’s cool and use a strainer for the remainders. Keep the olive oil in a jar or glass bottle until the next time you fry.

Can I use olive oil for cooking?

You can and you should use olive oil for cooking! Not only it elevates the taste of your meals but also it’s the healthiest fat you can have in your kitchen!

You can bake, grill, create pasta recipes only with olive oil!

If you use butter there is a simple guideline that you can follow. Substitute olive oil for butter at a 3:4 ratio by volume. For example, if the recipe calls for 1 cup (225 grams) of butter, you can replace it with 3/4 cups (180 ml) of olive oil.

Cooking with olive oil gives you really tasty dishes but more importantly it promotes good health. Let’s not forget that high quality extra virgin olive oil, like the My Precious Olive Tree extra virgin olive oil, helps protect from cholesterol and heart disease and fights inflammation. Thanks to its powerful antioxidants, it benefits your heart, brain, joints and health overall.

You don’t have to worry that the temperature during cooking will diminish or destroy the antioxidants of the olive oil. Thanks to the high content of monounsaturated fatty acid olive oil is relatively stable; in fact it’s more stable than many other oils when heated which helps olive oil retain its health benefits while cooking.

If you want to have plenty of extra virgin olive oil delivered straight to your door, adopt an olive tree from our grove. My Precious Olive Tree is an award winning extra virgin olive oil of high quality that elevates the taste of the meals and offers so much to our health. You only need to choose the package that fits your needs best and… enjoy!