Olive tree. Agricultural tourism in Italy. Bottom view.
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Welcome to Greece!
This is the land where authentic, high-quality extra virgin olive oil is produced.

We love having guests in our grove!

Visit our olive farm for an olive oil tasting, indulge your senses with a Mediterranean lunch, hug the olive trees, enjoy the wonderful view and relax!

Feel the Experience
Agroturismo in Greece.
Located in the northern Peloponnese region, the small village Ampelos is a place loved by God. Whatever grows in the land of Ampelos grows well and flourishes. Furthermore, Ampelos combines a breathtaking sea view with an altitude offers the ideal climate for the cultivation of olive trees.

In our farm, all the elements of the Greek land coexist harmoniously. Lemon trees, give a citrus note to our olive oil; vines flourish right next to the olive trees and produce our annual wine; pomegranates, orange and mandarin trees, as well as vegetables.


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