The products of our country and our heart!

“Greek products are present in every home and they enhance our everyday life. They travel to the world, stimulate our economy, win prizes and make us proud, carry our culture”, Athens Voice, online newspaper.

I used to be a journalist and work in television, today I declare myself a farmer. Okay, I do not prune the olives myself, but that is my job. I produce olive oil. An extra virgin olive oil, which I was very proud of a while ago, when it won the Gold Taste Award at the New York International Competition.

My Precious Olive Tree has a special character, excellent organoleptic characteristics, subtle aromas and a balance of bitter and spicy senses. Anyone trying to set up a business in Greece in 2017 has many problems. Bureaucracy, delays, lack of resources, high taxes, and absolutely no coordinated effort by the state so that Greek olive oil as a whole (and not individually the olive oil of a producer) is a strong brand name.

However, Greek products can conquer the world, for two main reasons. Firstly, because this place is blessed and produces products of exceptional quality and taste, and secondly, because Greek businessmen have stubbornness, strong will, good aesthetics and are “trained” in difficulties. I always say that whatever you do, do it with passion and do not be afraid of mistakes. Mistakes are not made by those who do nothing. And … dare!

I dared! I created My Precious Olive Tree, an olive adoption program, with a lot of love, because I envisioned sharing with people from all over the world the treasure I inherited from my grandfather, the olive tree and the excellent olive oil it offers us! And I hope the day will come when I will say that I did it!

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