“In cooking, as in all the arts, simplicity is the sign of perfection.”

When talking about comfort food and recipes that everyone loves, it always comes to spaghetti bolognese. Although we all love eating this dish, sometimes we avoid eating it because we believe it’s not that healthy and/or because we gain many calories.

Follow our tips found below and you’ll never feel guilty again when you eat spaghetti bo-lognese.

You don’t need butter in any of the steps of the recipe. The only fat you need in your kitchen is a high quality extra virgin olive oil and it’s olive oil that we will use in our spa-ghetti bolognese recipe.

To make the meat sauce you will need:

500 gr. beef mince
2 onions finely chopped
1 garlic clove finely chopped
1 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp fresh or dried mint or basil
1 tin plum tomatoes
salt and pepper

1. Put a large anti-stick saucepan on a medium heat, without olive oil. Add the beef mince and turn it around with a ladle until the liquids coming out of the meat are gone and the colour changes from red to brown.
2. Add the onions and mix them together.
3. Add the salt and pepper, the mint and the oregano and stir well.
4. Add the tin of plum tomatoes (and a bit of sugar to take away the bitterness) and some water. Cover with a lid and let it be cooked.

When the bolognese cause is ready add 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and stir well until it’s fully absorbed.

HEALTH TIP 1: We didn’t use olive oil at the beginning of our cooking but in the end. This means that the mince wasn’t cooked with any fat and we only added olive oil in the end, which makes our meat sauce super healthy. The extra virgin olive oil won’t be heat-ed and it will keep all of its health benefits.

HEALTH TIP 2: There is no need of using butter for the spaghetti either. When the pasta is boiled, strain it with a colander and put it back in the pot. Add some olive oil and stir well. The spaghetti shines and has an amazing taste and aroma. And it’s healthy!

Change your cooking habits!
Eat healthy!
Use extra virgin oil!