The best Christmas gift idea. Gift an olive tree!

Are you looking for an unusual gift?

Early or last minute, we have the best Christmas gift idea for you. Gift an olive tree in Greece to someone special and they will own a piece of Greece. Plus, they will receive the extra virgin olive oil it produces.

Christmas gifts require a little creativity and preferably they should be thoughtful and personalised.

Moreover, we all know people who love to eat and cook (sometimes for us!) or someone who loves Greece. The perfect Christmas gift idea for all the above mentioned is to gift an olive tree in Greece!

Unique and personal gift

First of all, anyone who likes food (so, everyone) will love it. Because when you gift an olive tree, the recipient gets a high quality olive oil produced in our family grove in Greece. They will be using the olive oil produced by their adopted olive tree throughout the year and thanking you of this gift. Luxury is about how a product makes us feel, imagine the feelings and connection when the giftee will use the olive oil from his own olive tree in Greece.

This gift shows that you took some time looking for a unique gift. It’s personalised, it arrives along with a certificate of adoption, a greeting card with your message and photos of their adopted olive tree.

Although special, it’s hassle free for you. You subscribe easily online and we take care of all the rest. We deliver worldwide, your gift will be delivered to their doorstep just on time for Christmas dinners. All the flavours and aromas of Greece will be there, in their salads and the other dishes.

But even if it’s a last minute gift, you can give them the certificate of adoption now and let them know their olive oil is on the way. In this case, you should just contact us so that we send you a digital copy of the certificate of adoption and the photo of the tree. You can print it to give it right on time. We’ll send the originals as well,  along with the gift box with the olive oil.

Don’t think about it! Gift an olive tree in Greece and impress with your gesture. Check out the gift packages available.