• Generational Expertise
    Olive oil runs in our blood – locally sourced and traditionally harvested by experienced farmers
  • Globally Recognised, High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Award winning and unrestricting – fresh and palatable, can be paired with an extensive array of foods
  • Transparent Origin and Processes
    Know the exact origin of the olive oil you consume – all of our olive oil come solely from our estate which you can visit
  • Sustainable Production using Good Agricultural Practices
    The health of our trees, the environment and our consumers come first
  • Consumer Inclusive and Educational
    Be part of what you consume- our olive oil is produced for you and thanks to you; learn to lead a healthy lifestyle by using olive oil in your cooking and even in your beauty routine
  • From our farm to your door
    Order or subscribe easily online – delivered directly to you at no extra delivery cost


We aim to create a community of food lovers, nature lovers, Greece’s lovers, people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle that will grow bigger every day. People from all around the world can be members of our family treasure.

We believe that an olive tree that grows with love, care and respect produces olive oil that tastes better. We give plenty of love to our olive trees, but above all, we have the “know how” to produce an excellent olive oil. Olive oil runs in our blood, this is our heritage. What we wish is to unite with all those who want to know where their food comes from, who need to feel safe about the quality of the food they consume, and people who respect the environment and who want to support local farmers.

From the very beginning until today, our team unifies under a shared belief that treating mother earth with respect rewards you with superior quality products and a feeling of deep satisfaction.

We are driven/ everything we do is driven by our devotion to sustainable farming and transparency of all processes. We are committed to producing high quality olive oil for our customers with whom we feel connected as they are part of our vision.

Generosity is one of the greatest values of our family. How can we forget our grandmother who always invited in visitors to prepare a meal for them, and always gifted them a bottle of olive oil and wine as they left. This is how we grew up and these are our values. Generosity, family, sharing.

Adopt an Olive Tree in Greece

Receive your own gold awarded olive oil directly from our farm to your table.

The tree will carry your name tag and will offer to you the extra virgin olive oil you need for a whole year.

  • Award Ooc
  • 2020 La Silver Award
  • Joop 2019 Award Gold
  • Evo 2019 Award Gold
  • Gold Award Ny Iooc
  • Joop 2018 Silver Award
  • Silver Award Los Angeles
  • Evo Award Gold 2019

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