The unique taste of our crop 2019

Sentors of green almond and aromatic herbs with green tomato leaf; these are the main characteristics of our extra virgin olive oil for the crop 2019.

Smell it and taste it and discover the aroma of green fruits and the spiciness of green almond and arugula. The after taste gives notes of citrus and the characteristic pungency of peperoncino that offers a remarkable after taste, long persistent in the mouth.

This year’s production preserves its pure unripe character, full of elegant green and spicy sensations.

The medium high fruitiness, well balanced between the bitter of the arugula and the spicy of the peperoncino makes My Precious Olive Tree extra virgin olive oil a perfect pair for delicious mediterranean dishes.

I hereby recommend to pair it with green vegetables, salads and white fish. Don’t hesitate to use it with a fiorentina steak and a full body red wine. Enjoy!

Kostal Liris, olive oil expert- sommelier

Why is our extra virgin olive oil so special?

The wisdom and the know how we inherited from our ancestors combined with our experienced team of experts make miracles. Our extra virgin olive oil has a superb taste and it’s friendly to consume thanks to the great balance of its aromas and flavours. It’s a cold pressed extra virgin olive oil of extremely low acidity that allows you to experience the real benefits of a truly fresh and healthy extra virgin olive oil. We choose to produce a significantly smaller quantity of olive oil by harvesting early and pressing the olives in the mill at a very low temperature. It’s the quality that matters to us, not the quantity.

Once you taste our olive oil you will realise the freshness and it will bring to your memory the natural aromas of the greek land where it comes from. This is why our adoptive parents feel a strong connection to the olive oil they get from their tree. They feel like being the producers of their own olive oil and the fact that it is one of the best olive oils in the world makes them feel deeply satisfied.

Everyone who produces olive oil believes that his olive oil is the best ever. This happens because all of us love what we do. But things, in reality, are different.

You cannot produce an excellent olive oil unless you practice good agricultural methods, you keep the plan when needed but at the same time listen to the needs of the olive trees. An expert has to be there, to detect any possible changes on the olive trees or on its fruit. The olive tree needs to be tended all year round. We prune them in a way that allows at the sunlight and the fresh air to reach all the parts of the tree. We add fertilisers after analysing the soil, we trim the grass around the trunks when needed, we water them. And then, the most important period of the year; the harvest. We pick the olives carefully and take them to the mill every single day of the harvest in order to have the best results in taste and aromas. Our whole team is in the field during harvest, we have a feeling of great anticipation before the olives are pressed into pure extra virgin olive oil. Once the first drops of olive oil come out of the mill, we know the results of the whole year’s effort.

We use good agricultural practices to produce our olive oil, we maintain the traditional farming methods and we respect the environment and the architecture of the landscape. We are committed to produce a pure extra virgin olive oil of high quality, so that our adoptive parents can feel proud of contributing in their own way to it.


It was in the previous century, in the 1920’s, when our great grand father Pantelis inherited from his father a small grove at the Northern Peloponnese region, at a village called Ampelos. A blessed land with an ideal micro climate to grow olive trees. Our great grandfather soon realised how important it is to produce your own extra virgin olive oil. So he thought of buying one more grove. And then our grandfather Labros inherited his family’s small treasure and once he took over the grove he planted new olive trees. Some of them were planted when Ioanna – the founder of My Precious Olive tree was born; he loved the idea that the olive trees would grow up together with his grand daughter. Our grandfather Labros was a wise man, he was very passionate about the olive trees and the pure extra virgin olive oil and dedicated his whole life to it. All of us at My Precious Olive Tree share that same passion about high quality olive oil and about maintaining the family’s treasure prosperous and sustainable. We planted baby olive trees too, and the story goes on!


2020 – 1 International Award

2019 – 5 International Awards

Gold Award Ny Iooc
Silver Award Los Angeles
Evo 2019 Award Gold
Joop 2019 Award Gold
Silver Award Los Angeles

This year’s crop is absolutely amazing! We proudly present five international awards for 2019! My Precious Olive Tree has been awarded the GOLD award in the NYIOOC 2019, JOOP 2019, EVO IOOC 2019, the silver award in the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2019 and the bronze medal in Athena 2019.

In a year that the harvest was poor in quantity and quality, My Precious Olive Tree stood out with high-quality olive oil. We devoted time to tend our olive trees and executed precise operations based on the exact needs of our olive grove, we harvested and processed the olives on time. And this is how in a year when the predictions about olive oil production were disappointing, we achieved our goal to constantly produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil!


Another global distinction for My Precious Olive Tree came in 2018, this time at the Tokyo’s olive oil competition. There, our extra virgin olive oil was awarded with the silver prize.

Every prize we win, grows our passion to produce high quality olive oil of great taste and flavour!

We are proud to deliver at your door an awarded olive oil, and we hope that all of the adoptive parents of our olive trees feel proud of contributing to that in their own way. We thank you all!


In 2017, our olive oil travelled for the first time to New York, in order to participate in one of the most important olive oil competitions in the world.

There, an international panel of experienced judges, awarded the extra virgin olive oils that stood out for their taste and flavour.

My Precious Olive Tree was awarded with the GOLD AWARD 2017.

This great distinction rewarded our continuous effort and our passion to produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil. And above all, this award is a commitment for all of us working for My precious Olive Tree,  to maintain the high quality standards for our olive oil.

Adopt an Olive Tree in Greece

Receive your own gold awarded olive oil directly from our farm to your table.

The tree will carry your name tag and will offer to you the extra virgin olive oil you need for a whole year.

  • Award Ooc
  • 2020 La Silver Award
  • Joop 2019 Award Gold
  • Evo 2019 Award Gold
  • Gold Award Ny Iooc
  • Joop 2018 Silver Award
  • Silver Award Los Angeles
  • Evo Award Gold 2019

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