She left journalism and won an award for best olive oil

Ioanna Kanellopoulou has been for years a popular TV presenter, but her love for her grandfather’s olive trees and her vision of a product of premium quality led to her ambitious “My Precious Olive Tree” project, with her efforts to be rewarded with the gold prize to the most important international olive oil competition”, Proto Thema, Greek Newspaper

Its distinctive aroma, rich, clean taste that balances the bitter with the spicy and its golden color gave the extra virgin olive oil “My Precious Olive Tree” the highest distinction in the most important international olive oil competition in New York.

The precious, as its name suggests, olive oil stands out not only for its special characteristics, but for the people behind its “birth”, as well as for the unique olive πρόγραμμα adoption program that gives every lover of olive oil the ability to take care of an olive tree from anywhere in the world. Besides, for the family of the creator of “My Precious Olive Tree”, the journalist Ioanna Kanellopoulou, the olive trees are treated with the care and love that one offers generously to the children.

Mrs. Kanellopoulou’s grandfather raised these … arrogant children with respect, attention and time, leaving her a great legacy which she wishes to share with all those who love the liquid gold of the Greek land. But how did a journalist, who for years was the face of popular shows, leave behind the television sets to devote herself entirely to the production of extra virgin olive oil? Ms. Kanellopoulou talks to about her ambitious plan and proves that the passion, the appetite and the effort to keep alive the traditions, the history and the values ​​of the family, evolving them and honoring them, give rich fruits like these of the olive tree.

Why did you decide to leave journalism and start working in olive oil? Did the financial crisis lead you to look for a different object?

Journalism came out of my mind when I became a mom. It was a difficult decision, however, I chose to live to the fullest in their early years, because this job is very demanding, without a schedule so it has a high cost for a mom. When the children grew up and I felt that it was time to go back to the market, the crisis in the area was deep, so I turned to where the future of this country is. In the primary sector. The olive groves of my grandparents in my place of origin, Ampelo, Achaia, were waiting for someone from the younger generation to reach their fame abroad!

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