We reserve a quantity of olive oil produced in our estates for those who aren’t ready to adopt an olive tree

but still, want to taste our delicious extra virgin olive oil.


* Delivery time (USA only): 3-5 days

Adopt as a gift

You choose the gift adoption that you wish to offer. Then, you will be asked to write the message for the personalised card for the person you offer the adoption to. Last, you have to decide where the welcome package (photo of the tree, certificate of adoption, greeting card) will be sent. We can send it directly to the person you offer the adoption, or to you, so that you can offer it yourself.

Adopt for your self

Be one of the few to have your own award-winning olive oil produced by your adopted olive tree and packaged exclusively for you. You get an authentic greek extra virgin olive oil of proven superior quality produced in a family grove exclusively for the adoptive parents of My Precious Olive Tree and feel a strong connection to what you eat, since it’s as if you are the producer of your own olive oil.

Adopt an Olive Tree in Greece

Receive your own gold awarded olive oil directly from our farm to your table.

The tree will carry your name tag and will offer to you the extra virgin olive oil you need for a whole year.

  • Award Ooc
  • 2020 La Silver Award
  • Joop 2019 Award Gold
  • Evo 2019 Award Gold
  • Gold Award Ny Iooc
  • Joop 2018 Silver Award
  • Silver Award Los Angeles
  • Evo Award Gold 2019

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