Why adopt and not buy

The olive tree adoption program is a multidimensional project, it’s not just about selling olive oil or just adopting a tree.


Foodies all around the world have a growing personal interest in the origin and impact of their own food, they promote good eating and environmental well being. These persons need to know where their food comes from and they are worried about the quality of the food they consume.

By adopting an olive tree from our family grove, not only do they know the exact origin of the olive oil they consume, but they also receive at their doorstep, with no additional delivery cost, an extra virgin olive oil of proven superior quality, taste and flavour, since it was declared one of the best olive oils of the world In the New York International Olive Oil Competition 2017.


Extra virgin olive oil is liquid gold, with proven health benefits.

But how can you be sure about the quality of the olive oil you buy in a retail store, when so many olive oil frauds have been revealed? Unfortunately, fake extra virgin olive oil is imported in many countries. Criminal enterprises take low quality, adulterated olive oil, they use chemical solvents and they fakely label it and sell it as evoo (extra virgin olive oil). When you adopt an olive tree, you know the exact location where your olive oil is produced, you know us, the founders of the project, you can visit your tree any time. So yes, you can feel safe with us.


The value of adopting an olive tree cannot be measured in money, it’s much more than this.

First of all, you adopt a piece of nature and you help to keep it prosperous and sustainable. Moreover, by receiving olive oil from your adopted tree, you experience the real benefits of fresh, healthy, flavourful olive oil. Last but not least, an olive tree carries your name, stands there for you and gives you its fruit. So, you feel a strong connection to what you are eating.

But even if you want to talk about money, buying an awarded olive oil in a retail store would have an average cost of 40 euros per litre. With an annual subscription of adoption, you receive a gold awarded olive oil at your doorstep (delivery included) for a year, plus, you give us the chance to sustain the traditional farming methods we already use, that have no negative impact to the environment.