A Career Change, a Family Olive Grove, and a Successful Brand: Ioanna Kanellopoulou opens up to “It’s Possible“.

Sometimes, you can not imagine, neither predict, in which path life may lead you. In such a way, some of the most unexpected business success stories have been made. Such a story is behind the Greek brand,“My Precious Olive Tree”.

Its founder, Ioanna Kanellopoulou, worked as a journalist. Then she decided to leave the media for the sake of her young children, came the crisis that swept everything (and the media of course) and so the “big comeback” was difficult for her. However, there, in the “empty mornings”, the idea arose: Ioanna Kanellopoulou decided to revive the family olive grove, and to make her own brand of olive oil.

The founder of My Precious Olive Tree explains how easy or difficult it is to make such a great career change while quoting her future plans.

You have worked in the field of Media in the past. How did you decide to leave journalism and start your own project?
I studied Communication and Mass Media at Panteion, and indeed, after graduation I worked for many years as a journalist. I lived in the media in very good times and stopped working before the crisis, when I was pregnant with my first child. Then came the second child and I consciously abstained because I always wanted to be present in the first years of their lives.

When they both grew up and went to school, I was shocked to stay home in the mornings without working. Unfortunately, due to the great crisis in the media, my return was very difficult. So I had to change the path of my career.

Always keeping in mind my grandfather’s words that “we are privileged to produce our own olive oil”, I decided to take over, revive and make known abroad our family olive grove and the liquid gold we produce. This is how My Precious Olive Tree was born.

How easy or difficult is it for someone to make such a total change in their career, and what advice would you give to other people who may have such thoughts?
Such a big career change can not be easy. You start from the beginning, you have to learn new things, to study, to research the new field of action. You make trials and errors. It takes patience, perseverance and strong will to find the right path. But every crisis holds a great opportunity and we must be ready to seize it.

I could not give any advice, but I believe that there is no other way to evolution and success, except by taking risks, making mistakes and learning from them.

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