Ioanna, the founder of My Precious Olive Tree writes about olive oil awards after her trip to New York for the biggest Olive oil Competition in the world.

Last week I travelled to New York, for the New York International Olive Oil Competition 2019. I was there representing My Precious Olive Tree team and the members of our adoption program – I strongly believe that all our achievements are due to the passion and hard work of our team and to the support of our adoptive parents.

My Precious Olive Tree won the gold award and is once again one of the best olive oils of the world. There are no words that can describe my feelings in the awards ceremony. Happiness, gratitude and pride are only some of them.

This is the 4th award for the crop of 2018, our olive oil is globally recognised for its high quality in the most important olive oil contests in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Athens, New York.

So, what’s the big deal with the awards? What do they mean?

All these awards guarantee that My Precious Olive Tree is a top quality olive oil. They aren’t awards for the packaging or the design, these awards are for the olive oil itself. Yes, packaging is important as well, it’s the first impression, but it’s the inside that matters most.

When people from all around the world adopt an olive tree online, in order to receive their own extra virgin olive oil to their doorstep, they can’t (unfortunately) taste the olive oil. But they feel safe when they see that the olive oil they will receive has been awarded so many times. Because the judges of the competitions can easily detect flaws in the olive oils they taste, and they can evaluate the high quality ones.

The sensory profile of our olive oil is what makes it so special. An awarded olive oil is guaranteed to be fresh, delicious, healthy. Awarded olive oils are fresh which means packed with antioxidants that have multiple benefits to our health, they elevate the taste of your food thanks to their outstanding character, they can’t be compared to ordinary olive oils. Awarded olive oils aren’t just fruity, pungent and bitter- all extra virgin olive oils should be like that. They have complexity, harmony and persistence, they please the sensations and they are balanced.

And believe me, winning an award in the biggest olive oil competitions is hard to do. It’s not a matter of luck, it’s a matter of expertise and great effort. Despite last year’s bad weather that affected most of the harvests, we achieved to produce once again a top quality olive oil. We tend our olive trees according to their needs, we are always there trying to do the right thing in the right moment, we are dedicated to excellence and we fight for it against all odds.

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