Extra virgin olive oil is a fruit juice and it has an expiry date. People get confused with wine that gets better with time, but not the same happens with olive oil. The fresher olive oil is, the better it tastes and more importantly it’s truly healthy.

What we guarantee to our adoptive parents is that we will deliver to their door a fresh extra virgin olive oil. But how can you keep your olive oil fresh and flavourful to the last drop?

It is very important to know which are the factors that affect the olive oil quality and follow some basic tips.

The enemies of olive oil are sunlight, oxygen and heat. So the rule is “keep your extra virgin olive oil in a cool shady place and limit exposure to oxygen”.

Why must we keep our extra virgin olive oil away from sunlight?

Olive oil contains plenty of chlorophyl, which when combined with sunlight causes chemical reactions that are not good for the quality of your olive oil. Exposure to sunlight causes a loss of antioxidants that are one of the reasons that olive oil is so healthy. We must store our olive oil properly in order to preserve them. If you want to keep your olive oil on the counter of your kitchen, choose the shadiest place and avoid storing it next to the stove- it may be at arm’s distance, but the temperature is higher when the stove is on. Keep on the counter the tin that you use and store the others in a dark cupboard.

Oxygen is another enemy of olive oil quality. Oxygen can degrade it’s quality and eventually turn it rancid. Obviously, we cannot avoid oxygen, but there are ways to limit olive oil’s exposure to it. The most effective way is to use it soon after you buy it. There are multiple ways to use your olive oil. Don’t eliminate the consumption only for salads. You can use your extra virgin olive oil in cooking, it will elevate the taste of your meals. Try to use it instead of butter. It tastes better and it’s more healthy.

Another thing you can do to limit your olive oil’s exposure to oxygen is to open and use only one tin at the time. Choose one of the three tins you received to open first. When the first finishes, continue to the next one. When we standardise the olive oil in the tins, we fill them to the top so that there is no air in it and this is a way to avoid oxidation. Last but not least, always screw the lid after use.

High temperature is another factor that may harm your olive oil. The ideal temperature is 18ºC/65ºF, though room temperature would be fine as well. You only have to choose a dark and cool cupboard in your kitchen, away from the stove. Avoid the cupboard under the sink because humidity is also a factor that can degrade the quality of your olive oil.

Follow these tips and make your olive oil last!

it’s truly fresh so if you store it properly it will be packed with aromas and flavours till the last drop!

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