RECEIVE your own AWARD WINNING extra virgin olive oil directly FROM OUR FARM TO YOUR TABLE

ADOPT an olive tree and sustain your love with GREECE

Be one of the few to have your own award-winning olive oil produced in limited quantity and packaged exclusively for you! ADOPT AS A GIFT

One of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world!

Our olive oil is a premium extra virgin olive oil packed with the aromas and flavours of the fertile Peloponnese land!

 It is guaranteed to be truly fresh, healthy and flavourful and we’ve been awarded for that at the most important international olive oil competitions!


From our great grandfathers to us and from us to you

Our vision is to share our heritage with people who can appreciate how precious it is to have your own greek extra virgin olive oil, produced by your own olive tree!


Visit your adopted olive tree

Experience agrotourism in Greece. Visit your adopted olive tree, hug it, take photos, enjoy delicious homemade lunch, or simply relax and listen to the sounds of nature.

Our grove is always open to welcome you!

Schedule a visit

What people say

“I had never imagined that I could use olive oil instead of butter to my cooking. It tastes better, plus, it’s healthy!”

Sophie L.

“The olive oil that my wife and I get from our adopted olive tree is more than sufficient for the two of us, so we share our olive oil with my daughter’s family.”

Luc V.

“No need to seek for a fresh and flavorful olive oil in delis anymore. My own olive oil arrives at my doorstep twice per year and I feel safe about the quality and the provenance of the olive oil we consume.”

Chloe S.
Customer experience manager

“My kids love the fact that somewhere on the planet there’s an olive tree with their name on it! They are proud of contributing to saving the planet in their own way.”

Elizabeth G.
Financial consultant

“The olive oil that joins us to dinner with my family and friends is produced by my adopted olive tree. Isn’t that precious?”

Mariza P.
Digital Marketing Director

November 29, 2018news and reviews

Ioanna Kanellopoulou has been for years a popular TV presenter, but her love for her grandfather's olive trees......

Adopt an Olive Tree in Greece

Receive your own gold awarded olive oil directly from our farm to your table.

The tree will carry your name tag and will offer to you the extra virgin olive oil you need for a whole year.

  • Award Ooc
  • 2020 La Silver Award
  • Joop 2019 Award Gold
  • Evo 2019 Award Gold
  • Gold Award Ny Iooc
  • Joop 2018 Silver Award
  • Silver Award Los Angeles
  • Evo Award Gold 2019

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